Discover the flavors of Southern Brazil. Enjoy endless serving of meats, salads, and side dishes as much as you please.


We offer a variety of meat cuts consisting of the most succulent, tender, and delicious beef, lamb, chicken, pork, and sausage, all grilled to your desired temperature. Our professional gauchos will serve guests personally by slicing meats off skewers onto guest’s plates.

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Picanha – Our signature cut, prime part of top sirloin. Comes with 2 additional flavors of Spicy and Garlic.

Rib Eye – Richly marbled steak seasoned with fajita

Beef Ribs – Tender, juicy, and cooked slowly to bring out the best taste

Filet Mignon – Tasty cut of tenderloin. Also served wrapped in bacon.

Fraldinha – Flavorful cut of bottom sirloin

Cordeiro – Succulent lamb chops and tender leg of lamb

Frango – Beer-marinated chicken legs and juicy chicken breasts wrapped in bacon.

Costela de Porco – Pork ribs, seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Lombo de Porco – Pork tenderloin coated with parmesan cheese

Linguica – Savory pork sausage


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Over 30 items including a variety of greens, fresh vegetables, cured meats, imported cheese selections, chicken salad, potato salad, hearts of palms, artichoke, sun dried tomatoes, and etc.


Traditional side dishes to be served are garlic mashed potatoes, caramelized bananas, hot cheese breads, farofa, crispy polentas, and rice and beans.


Dinner            $ 39.90                                                                      Lunch (Mon – Fri) $ 24.90

 Salad Only     $ 21.90                                                                      Lunch (Sat & Sun) $ 29.90 

                                                          SPECIAL SUNDAY ALL DAY

                                             $29.90/guest all day from 11 am to 9 pm


Kids under 6: Complimentary

7-12 years old: Half Price